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Facebook revolutionizes news feed


Facebook revolutionizes news feed

Facebook is testing a profound change that has left marketers quite concerned: creating a feed for friends’ posts and one for brands.

The company has already applied the change in six countries, creating a main feed for the user’s friends, and a secondary one, called “Explore”, which includes the brand publications that the user follows. Only paid publications will have access to the main feed.

Facebook’s goal is to see whether users prefer to access brand content separately or along with friends’ posts, as it currently does. However, for content creators, this change has implications for the visibility of brands. Even in the countries where the amendment is being tested, there are complaints of sharp declines in the reach and interaction of publications.

One of the most at risk sectors is newspapers, as changing the feed can lead to breaks in page visits and, consequently, revenue.

The change is being implemented in Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala and Cambodia, but Adam Mosseri, head of the Facebook news feed, said there are no plans to move forward with this measured globally.

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