Founded in 1951 in Porto, Firmo is a leader in the trade of school, stationery and office supplies. Its products, such as the Blue Notebook, follow generations and have become inseparable icons of the Brand.

Define the brand’s online positioning, ensuring the successful implementation of the project.

Digital Strategy


Digital Spirit was the agency chosen by Firmo to develop the new Online Store and define the Digital Brand Strategy, under the scope of the communication concept – “We all have a role”.

For that, it was necessary to analyze the digital footprint of the Brand – rights & wrongs, what was done and what could be done – and redefine the positioning according to the new Business Objectives.

Produce valuable, creative and personalized content to reach the ideal audience.

Content Marketing

The content strategy involved adapting the brand’s communication to its target audience, dropping the overly formal tone used in the past and replacing it with a more accessible tone. The objective was to adapt the image of Firmo, old and traditional, and to transmit the Brand as iconic but current, professional but accessible.

In order to obtain the photographs proposed by the Agency, two photo sessions were held at the Kinda Home store in Porto, where through product placement it was possible to take advantage of the various environments existing in this space.

Define the brand’s digital presence, to guide actions and ensure coherence in communication.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The definition of the Brand positioning in each digital channel – Cash&Carry Online, Social Networks and Email – it was done through the analysis of crucial insights, such as Business Objectives, consumer behavior, SWOT and a detailed Benchmark.

A new browsing experience to boost online store sales.

Web Design

Following the changes and market trends was the motto for the production of the new website Cash&Carry from Firmo.

In order to make navigation more intuitive and pleasant for the user, a new look was created with a cleaner and simpler design, where the previous Information Architecture was reorganized, so that finding the desired product was as easy as possible.

Visitors to this new space can now view all the products there, without having to register, and can do it more efficiently and from all devices.

Share the news with followers, highlighting the advantages of the new Cash&Carry

Social Media


The launch of the new Cash & Carry Online of Firmo was announced on social networks in order to generate visits to the site. The focus of this Social Media campaign was to promote the advantages of this new Online Store.

Creative and disruptive content was created, which was published over about three weeks, so that all followers, whether on Facebook or Instagram, would get to know the new Cash & Carry Online.

Getting the right message to the right audience, resulting in conversions.

Email Marketing

To drive traffic to the new Cash&Carry Online, we created specific email campaigns that consisted of the teaser, to arouse the curiosity of the user, and the announcement of the launch, which highlights the advantages of the new site C&C.

Monitor the actions of online users to achieve business goals.


The Intelligence strategy involves ensuring the success of the new Cash&Carry Online, and for that we carefully analyze the effectiveness of the implemented actions and the behavior of the users on the site, in order to adapt the C&C to your needs.

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