Mira Maia

Mira Maia is a shopping center in the heart of Maia, a family place, where pets are well received and where culture always takes place: with cinema, music and activities for children.

Discover and respond to the desires and needs of the target audience

Digital Strategy

The challenge was to get people from that area of ​​influence, Maia, to visit the mall and enter the stores. Therefore, we started communicating directly to this target audience and responding to their wishes and needs.

We created the signature: “Mira Maia is more Maia and now it’s more yours”, which describes the geographical and emotional proximity to the consumer.

Encourage the target audience to interact according to the content strategy

Content Marketing

To give visibility to the stores and to each of the brands that are present at Mira Maia, we highlight its news, services and products, with creative content.

The content strategy involved communicating to the audience, in an informal tone to create a sense of familiarity, encouraging the community to interact on social networks, participate in marketing actions and visit the mall.

Produce regular content and engage the public in activities

Social Media

Social networks are the direct communication channel with the target audience. Through publications we create a dynamic relationship and encourage people to comment, participate in hobbies and get involved in activities.

To distinguish Mira Maia from the competition, we emphasize the fact of receiving pets, promoting culture through music and cinema and organizing artistic activities with children.

Analyze the data and redefine the strategy whenever necessary


Our focus is to get a good rate of interaction on social networks organically. For that, we use data analysis metrics and adjust the strategy according to the results obtained.

We measure social media interaction with a focus on optimization