My Pharma Spot

My Pharma Spot is an online pharmacy designed especially for the convenience and satisfaction of customers. Launched in 2019, this online store finds the best health, beauty and wellness brands at very competitive prices.

Outline the goals to be achieved to guarantee the success of the actions and achieve the business objectives.

Digital Strategy

Digital Spirit was the agency chosen for the launch and My Pharma Spot brand management on digital – Social Networks, Digital Advertising, Intelligence and support in Online Store Management.

The goal being to make the Brand a “reference in the online pharmacy market”, the objectives to be achieved and the indicators to be analyzed were traced, so that the Brand could reach its Business Objective.

Define Brand communication on digital channels, to guide actions and guarantee results.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Through the study of competition and the insights provided by the customer – Business objectives and SWOT analysis – we defined the communication for each digital channel, so that the brand positioning was properly reflected in each one.

Produce content that responds to the needs of the target audience and that takes them to the site.

Content Marketing

This strategy is intended to be transversal to all communication channels – Blog, Social Networks and Newsletter –, however adapted to the specifics of each one.

In order to establish brand authority and provide a prominent position in search engine search results, a content strategy, based on industry insights – trend research topics and terms most used when searching for products.

Publish disruptive content to reach the ideal audience and encourage interaction.

Social Media

The management of My Pharma Spot’s social networks, Facebook and Instagram, consisted of daily production of disruptive content, in the follow-up of all questions and comments received, and in the development of advertising campaigns – Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Brand communication on Facebook intended to position it with the target audience, disseminating relevant content – engagement generator and sales enhancer – and using this social network as a customer support channel.

As for Instagram, it was intended to create a solid and participatory community, through creative content, hobbies and partnerships with bloggers, and humanize the brand, showing its backstage (product arrival, order preparation, etc.).

The Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns were mainly focused on generating conversions in the online store.

Promote products to the ideal audience, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing communications were developed, integrated into multichannel campaigns – Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Adwords and Display, Google Shopping – with the purpose of generating traffic and boosting online store sales.
We highlight the Black Week and Christmas campaigns, two crucial moments for any e-commerce project that took place right after the launch of the brand, the effectiveness of these campaigns being essential for My Pharma Spot to establish itself successfully in the market.

Define the KPI’s appropriate to the business objectives and monitor the actions of users.


With a focus on ensuring the success of the online store, we have established the performance indicators to be analyzed for this purpose and carefully monitor the behavior of users, in the brand’s communication channels, in order to actively detect possible failures and opportunities for improvement.