Founded in 2018, Pallco is the first and only Conservatory of Dance and Music in Porto. With a 2400m² space and professionals specialized in each area, this school has all the conditions to receive students from all over the world.

An international project that, through digital, wants to reach different cultures.

Digital Strategy

With these aspects in mind, we designed a website with an intuitive user experience and a very responsive design. We have selected inspiring images and installations that reflect the environment in Pallco, as an invitation to visit the school.

In order to reach all students and different parts of the world, Pallco invited Digital Spirit to create a website that would be the mirror of the school, and where users could have access to information quickly and simply.


Content Marketing

Through the use of inspiring images and the school environment, we seek to convey that Pallco, more than an art school, is like a home for its students. A space where they will receive all the support to grow!

Taking into account the age group of the target audience, we chose to use a more informal language that would bring the school closer to its students. Words of motivation and inspiration were used to invite these young people to sign up for Pallco.

An easily accessible website, with responsive design, to be accessed anywhere in the world.

Web Design

As an international project, the Pallco website is visited on various devices and browsers. In order to adapt to all formats, we have developed a very responsive design, thus allowing complete access to information.

With the user experience in mind, we develop intuitive navigation menus, organizing all the information about courses and activities in the best way. So that the user gets to the information he wants as soon as possible.

Strategic thinking accompanies us in all projects.