Rota do Douro

Rota do Douro is a Porto company that has been making cruises on the Douro River since 1999. In addition to the typical rabelo boat ride across the bridges and cruises through the Douro, the Rota do Douro runs themed and personalized programs.

Define the online positioning of the Brand, to guarantee the long-term success of the project.

Digital Strategy

The challenge of Rota do Douro to the agency consisted in the development of a new website and management of the brand’s digital channels, according to its Business Objective “to be a national and international reference in Cruises in the Douro”.

Having analyzed the digital footprint, it is concluded that it is necessary to redefine the brand’s positioning – to transmit a more accessible, experienced and professional image, appealing to all audiences.

Define the brand’s digital presence, to guide actions and ensure coherent communication.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The definition of the brand positioning in each digital channel – Website, Social Networks and Email – was made through the analysis of crucial insights, such as Business Objectives, consumer behavior, SWOT and Benchmark.

Develop content, through industry insights, that drive traffic to the site.

Content Marketing

According to the defined strategy, a renewal was also established in the way of communicating the brand – informal, empathetic and simple language, with an informative, clear and useful tone, in order to appeal simultaneously to young people and seniors.

Knowing the most searched themes in the sector, creative and user-friendly content was created, focused on attracting traffic to the site.

Improve the user experience, increase the number of Cruises reservations.

Web Design

The new Rota do Douro website reflects a more current image, maintaining the historical legacy and the experience accumulated over two decades, and the excellence of its services.
With an optimized browsing experience and a cleaner and more intuitive design, the number of visits to the site showed a significant increase which, in turn, was directly reflected in the number of Cruises’ reservations.

Increase Brand awareness and create a close relationship with the target audience.

Social Media

In social networks, the Agency’s work focuses, essentially, on the management of Facebook and Instagram accounts, developing creative, organic content, with the aim of increasing Brand awareness and the number of cruise reservations.

Brand communication on Facebook aims to increase awareness, through the sharing of relevant content, which generates engagement, and to boost the business. This is also an important channel of communication with the community, which is done through the follow-up of all comments and questions received.

As for Instagram, the purpose is to maintain a close connection with the community, appealing to their involvement with the Brand through creative and inspirational content.

Promote the company’s services directly to your ideal audience.

Email Marketing

With the optimization of the website, it was possible to significantly increase lead capture and create a highly segmented database. Therefore, we started to send differentiated communications by email on a regular basis, promoting the services of Rota do Douro to its ideal audience.
Email Marketing campaigns resulted in greater contact between the brand and its target audience, which led to a notable increase in contact requests and reservations.

Analyze data from different digital channels in order to continuously improve services.


To ensure the success of the defined Marketing Strategy, we carefully monitor the effectiveness of all actions and user behavior on the different digital channels of the Brand – Website, Social Media and Email – in order to identify actions and opportunities for improvement.