Vida Económica Business School is an advanced training school in Taxation, Accounting and Law, aimed at professionals and students in these areas. VEBS courses are designed for continuous training and updating knowledge.

Distinguish the Group’s Brand, creating its own identity and defining its positioning.

Digital Strategy


The V.E. it has been organizing training for some years, however this service was only structured in 2019 with the creation of VEBS. Until then, there was no exclusive website for the Business School, nor the possibility to purchase courses online.

In charge of website development and management of digital communication channels, we analyzed the Benchmark and defined the Business Objectives, fundamental aspects to define the brand communication – visual and written – and its positioning in the digital channels.

Create relevant content that captures user interest and generates positive results.

Content Marketing

The result of this analysis is reflected in all the content developed for VEBS, from information on the website to publications on Social Networks.

In order to define the Content Strategy, it was necessary to have an in-depth analysis of the terms used in the search for this type of training and of the trend topics in the study areas, in order to optimize the website with keywords with a high volume of searches.

Develop an effective and intuitive website that responds to the user’s needs.

Web Design

The VEBS website was developed to provide the best possible navigation experience for the user – appealing design, properly structured information architecture, relevant and detailed information – on all devices.

The possibility of purchasing online courses was added, thus facilitating the registration process and promoting the sale of courses. Provided the programmatic plan and curriculum of the teachers, the user thus has access to all the information to purchase an online course.

Publish content on social media that attracts the ideal audience and impels them to convert.

Social Media

Communication on Social Networks, Facebook and LinkedIn, aims to build a solid and participative community, which fits the characteristics of the ideal audience, that is, with a high potential for conversion before VEBS courses.

Analyze user actions on digital channels to ensure continuous improvement of services.


Here the focus of the Intelligence Strategy was to analyze the behavior of users on the site, to detect possible flaws and opportunities for improvement, with a view to the continuous evolution of services and generate qualified traffic to the site.

We look at each project with strategic thinking and focus on results