Vida Económica - Edição Especial

The Editorial Vida Económica Group has a set of publications in the areas of Law, Economics and Management, including the weekly “Vida Económica”, created in 1983, which is one of the oldest newspapers in the sector.

During the state of emergency Jornal Vida Económica launched a free Special Edition

Digital Strategy


Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, which prevented readers from receiving publications at their companies or acquiring them in newsstands, the Vida Económica Group moved into the digital area.

Digital Spirit was the agency chosen to implement a project that facilitated free access to publications, only during the state of national emergency, having produced a weekly and specific Newsletter, as well as a Landing Page that centralized all editions in format pdf.

Produce informative content and work on brand positioning

Content Marketing

According to the digital strategy, we adopt an informal and empathic language, in order to communicate with different age groups. To encourage the public to download the newspaper and other publications, we developed compelling content that highlighted the advantages of digital.

In this way, we put on the Landing Page, the newspaper, magazines and the contributor’s newsletter available for download in pdf and free access to premium content.


Creating a Landing Page to download the VE newspaper on any device

Web Design

The Landing Page that was created to download the publications of Grupo Vida Económica, aimed to be simple and intuitive, to facilitate access to information.

We opted for a responsive design, capable of automatically adapting to all formats, from desktop to mobile. Thus, all readers were able to download the usual publications and have access to previous editions, on any device.

Drive followers through social media to the landing page

Social Media

The developed social media strategy aimed to take the user to the landing page, by communicating their advantages on social networks. An exclusive subscription campaign was also developed for this period.

All information at home, just a click away

Email Marketing

To alert readers of Grupo Vida Económica, we created an email marketing campaign, informing them that all the journalistic content was available in a free pdf version for download. Sensitizing readers to the advantage of having all the information just a click away. In this process, we segment the databases and parameterize the shipping platform.

Measure landing page reach to better understand your target audience


We analyzed the newsletter indicators, the behavior of the target audience on social networks and the Landing Page. The continuous monitoring allowed to optimize the subsequent editions and in this way, to gradually improve the results.

We look at each project with strategic thinking and focus on results