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Digital Strategy

Business Information, Benchmarking, Research, Information Architecture

Our work starts by getting information about your Audience, Industry and Business Goals. After this phase, we will develop further research on your Market, gather all the data and present a Digital Marketing Strategy, which will encompass all the information collected and the Action Plan to maximize your budget and achieve your Business Goals. We intend to help companies succeed in the Digital World by interpreting and adapting trends to their business, all in a planned and structured way.


User Experience, Omni-Channel, Magento, Artificial intelligence, CRM

Far from being just a trend, eCommerce has facilitated Companies’ “internationalization”, since it’s no longer an opportunity reserved only for the big business structures. We define the Strategy to adopt for the Brand, according to the Business Goals, always emphasizing the importance that the User Experience has in the success of the sale. The Team has extensive experience in this area, not only at the Technological level (from Shopify to Magento), but also with Strategic Planning, an essential factor in an eCommerce project.



CMS, Apps, Web applications, In-store digital

One of the most important decisions in an online project is the correct choice of the technological platform that will support it. The wrong option may condemn it to failure, even before it is completed. Our experience in Platforms ranges from the simplest, such as WordPress and Drupal, to Shopify and Magento. To avoid the difficulties in choosing, we fit the best option in the best solution, given the real requirements of the Project, generating the expected return for the Brand.

Social Media

Strategy, Campaigns, Community Management, Crisis Response, Influencer Marketing

Social Networks are a strong channel of communication between the Brands and their Audience. Therefore, we elaborate Strategic Plans to place your Brand on these channels, in orer to build a relevant and dynamic Community. Bloggers have an important role in increasing the brand awareness and, in this way, we are able, as a team, to develop loyalty strategies through the creation of specific and relevant content to increase interaction with the defined target audience.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Strategy, Contextual Marketing, Inbound Marketing

We developed Search Marketing Strategies (SEM) to get more exposure to your site in Search Engines, so that when people search for words, pictures, or other types of documents related to your business, your site appears in the position. To do this, we use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, with relevant content production and sponsored links, using programs such as Google AdWords, in order to maximize traffic to the site.

Content Marketing

Strategy, Development of written content, graphics and photography

Having a Content Strategy is fundamental to an effective Marketing Strategy, because it is through timely, relevant and convincing Content that we attract the Users to your site and shape them to the Brand. We create Content that meets the needs of users, whether in Social Networks, an Online Store or an Institutional Site. But success is based on the creation of a well-assembled Strategy, focused on Results and monitored by indicators that really matter to your business.


Email Marketing

Marketing Automation, CRM

Email Marketing, despite being one of the oldest methodologies, continues to be one of the best Digital Marketing channels, and one that presents one of the best ROI when it comes to relationship with the Audience. We create, deploy and manage communications through Email, combining them with a Marketing Content Strategy. We make targeted and relevant submissions in order to increase Engagement around the Brand by sharing Relevant Content with your Target Audience and getting them to the point of purchase.

Online Advertising

Touch Point Plan, Programmatic Display, Social Campaigns, PPC

In the Digital Strategy that we will develop for your Brand, we will include the Advertising component, which is an important complement to the dynamics created with the Content, in order to achieve the defined Communication Goals. With online advertising, we can further increase the visibility of your business, engage with your target audience and drive highly targeted Consumers to your website in order to boost your sales.



Web Analytics, Big Data, Retention Marketing, Data Monetization

We have created this Service as a tool that enables us to provide our Clients, on a regular basis, with a Measurable and Global view of the various interactions that exist in the different platforms where their Brand is present. We analyze the data and transform these elements into important information for decision making, because only in this way you can guarantee the success of your business strategy in the digital world.