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Twenty-four years later!


Twenty-four years later!

“I am very pleased to greet my business associates in Porto! “.

I was received in this way (along with my partner at the time) by Rosalina Machado, the then president of Ogilvy & Mather Portugal, in his Lisbon office, after analyzing the Business Plan that had been delivered to him 3 weeks earlier and proposing to 2nd largest Advertising Agency in Portugal, the opening of an office in the City of Porto. After 1 month the Agency founded by Sir David Ogilvy opened his office in the unconquered city.

Twenty-four years later, after having recently rejoined a “traditional” Advertising Agency, it became clear that the digital business will have to be managed by digital, although the Communication Strategies for Customers must be more and more 360º.

“However, it is difficult for those who do not breathe and digital sweat, daily, 4pm a day, suddenly having to integrate” something digital “into the strategy for the Customer, since it is not your DNA, knowledge does not come up in a snap, and the Proposal has a deadline to submit! “]

Creating a Digital Strategy is a must. Specialization is mandatory because “digital gurus” have died out faster than dinosaurs (well, okay, maybe they lasted a bit longer), just how quickly this area evolves. Instagram is only 6 years old and see the changes it has already brought about in the way Brands and Consumers interact.

The solution is to create mixed teams (from different agencies), because in this way we will make the most of each one’s knowledge. This is the suggestion.

Welcome on board!

Jorge Marques dos Santos